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AAP's new revelation : They can look into the EVM motherboard and tell if it will rain in Delhi or not

15, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Whenever you read the words AAP and EVM in the same sentence, you know you are guaranteed some entertainment. In an interesting turn of events, AAP’s research wing claims they know all about EVMs and that they can use the machine to do much more.

Talking to our senior reporter Amit, Arvind Kejriwal said that being an engineer he knows 10 ways to tamper EVM & tell whether it will rain or not in any part of the world. He said, “Amitender Hum chote log hai, Modi ji se kahiyega hume 10 minute ke liye EVM de dijiye hum motherboard dekh ke bata denge kahan baarish hone wali hai.” He even said that if election commission gives him the EVM for more than an hour he can also reveal about a potential infiltration from Pakistan along the LoC.

Kejriwal has claimed several times that being a pass-out of IIT, EVM tampering comes very easily to him. Not only can he tamper with the EVMs, he can also make it do a lot more than just electronic voting and counting. Among other things, Kejriwal listed the following as the biggest utilities of the EVM.

Besides weather prediction, EVM can also help in communicating with aliens by pressing its buttons like in Hrithik Roshan movie Krishh. Kejriwal also said, “Agar Hillary ji ne hum se poocha hota, to hum Dilli ke EVM dekh ke bata dete ke woh America mein kitne vote se haarne wali hain.

In support of Arvind Kejriwal came his right hand man Manish Sisodiya who said, “Arvind is absolutely correct. He checked the EVM and told me however many times I visit Dr Batra, I will never have hair growth and see he has been proven right once again.

We are still not sure whether to believe him but we don’t have much options just like those poor Delhiites who voted for him in 2015 thinking that the corruption, unemployment and poverty will vanish once Arvind Kejriwal takes the CM’s seat.