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Abdul Karim Tunda complains of chest pain after being slapped on face outside court

20, Aug 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Pakistani terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba’s bomb expert and terrorist Abdul Karim Tunda today complained of severe chest pain immediately after he was slapped by a man at the Patiala House Court complex.

He was immediately admitted to Sir Ganga Ram hospital where his condition is said to be improving. Several high profile visitors like Sharad Pawar, Dr Rajesh Talwar and DGP Rathore also came to sympathize and check on Tunda’s health. His court hearing has been successfully deferred for now.

Sources say the impact of the slap wasn’t that big thanks to Tunda’s kilometer long beard which acted as protective shield.

“Normally when we tell patients that their condition is improving, they feel very happy but strangely when we told the same to Tunda, gloominess descended on his face,” said a doctor unable to understand the reason behind Tunda’s sadness.

While doctors and experts were totally baffled and wondered how a slap on face could transform into a chest pain. But Congress leader Digvijay Singh came to his defense and argued that “Tunda Ji is a brave soldier who wears his heart on his sleeves and even on face sometimes, so its but natural for him to feel pain in the chest when some thing hits him on the face.”

After hearing this reasoning several doctors attending to Tunda also complained of pain in their brain and other body parts.

There are also reports of Tunda claiming that his memory has also been affected and he can’t remember things with clarity now. He argued that earlier he remembered everything by heart but since he has been attacked on his face heart he has forgotten answers to all the questions that Delhi Police sought from him.

While many Indian politicians say that this incident has made them learn new tricks things but Pakistan has completely blasted Tunda for using such cheap tactics wondering what was the need to do so when UPA Govt and Indian judicial system is already known to be so magnanimous.

Meanwhile Justice Katju who was busy writing mercy petition for Tunda stopped and tore it away when he was told that Tunda didn’t offer his second cheek to the attacker and hence failed to revive any message of Mahatama Gandhi.