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To be able to pay surge price during days of Mumbai rains, person himself drives an online cab during night

28, Jun 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Three days after the onset of the south-west monsoon was announced in Maharashtra, rains finally lashed the city on Friday. Several parts of Mumbai woke up to heavy rains on Friday with the weather department forecast heavy rain till June 29.

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The main sufferers were the people who were seen missing their trains and had to take a cab to work. The surging price was so high that many people had to take a loan from banks to be able to afford cab rides for the next 3 days.

But Shwetank Srivastava, who works as an investment banker has found out a way to deal with this problem. Shwetank, though being a well-paid employee, found it difficult to pay surge price for an Uber which he booked 2 days back. He had to lose all his savings and he decided that he has to counter this problem or else he will be bankrupt one day.

That is when the idea of driving a cab at night stuck him. Shwetank takes an uber to the office and while coming back at night drives his own uber so that he can compensate for the monetary loss of paying surge price in the morning. In fact, Shwetank is earning so much as a cab driver at night that he plans to take it up full time.