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'Abnormal' hostel student under observation after it was found he is switching off fan and light while going out

17, Sep 2017 By dasu

Rourkela: Warden R.C. Sharma has put hostel student Satyakam Nayak under ‘abnormal’ category after it was noticed he is one of the rarest student who switch off fan, light while going out.


“I go around hostel almost every day for inspection. Will find only this boy’s room will have both fan and lights off. I checked his medical records which he submitted during admission time, there was nothing much wrong with that”, said Mr. Sharma while talking to us.

“My worry was, this boy was not only doing that. He was closing the bathroom and wash basin taps, was found reading newspapers, on top of it he had no problem with hostel food in past three years. As per my experience here, every year we get few specimen pieces like this boy. We keep them under observation so that slowly slowly we try to bring them to mainstream”, said Mr. Sharma on the logic of keeping certain students under observation.

Mr. Sharma added, “We teach them how to behave like a ‘normal’ hostel student. I do not expect he will come anywhere close to the levels of his predecessors who have done so much inside the hostel as well as outside like breaking beer bottles in common room, breaking all the bulbs on the corridors, throwing dinner plates towards mess staff”.

On our query, how far a boy like Satyakam can go as per his experience, Mr. Sharma said, “We try our level best. How far the boy will go, woh to uska learning aur effort ke upar depend karega. Humare taraf se toh koshis jaari rehta hai”.

It seems the ‘effort’ from Mr. Sharma and his team have not gone waste. “As per our IT admin person, this boy has started downloading movies which other ‘normal’ students do. He has also started using certain slangs which is commonly used inside hostel. I am planning to remove him from observation list soon”, said a relaxed Mr. Sharma when we met him again after six months.