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Accept my resignation, want to leave for England to watch the World Cup: Rahul 

28, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

While Congress leaders have rejected Rahul Gandhi’s resignation, the Party President was seen getting increasingly restless while sticking to his stand.


Sources within Congress say that Rahul is in no mood to take back his resignation as he has already booked tickets for England to watch the World Cup.

“After months of campaigning, Rahul wants to take a break from politics. In fact a long break. He will be cheering for India at the World Cup in England and wants some senior leader to take over the reigns of the party,” revealed a source under condition of anonymity.

Once he is relieved from the party responsibilities, Rahul plans to start ticking off items from this travel bucket list. Apparently, most of the locations on the list are outside the country as he covered the length and breadth of India during election campaigning.

There were also speculations that this time around Rahul has realized that he is not youth anymore and would like to ‘settle down’ before it is too late. It is not yet clear if the Congress President will be tying the knot this year but his insistence to resign could be an indication of that.

Rahul’s unrelenting stance has put BJP in the dock. Many believe that Rahul was crucial in the BJP victory. The ruling party called an emergency meeting to discuss Rahul’s resignation.

BJP sources say that Amit Shah has expressed a desire to meet the Congress President hoping to somehow persuade Rahul to change his mind.