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ACP Pradyuman unhappy about not being considered for the post of interim CBI Chief

25, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

Even with two decades of crime solving work experience on his resume, ACP Pradyuman was not considered for the position of interim CBI Chief. The man at the helm of the CID expressed displeasure at being overlooked to lead the country’s premier investigating agency.


With shakeups happening at the top of CBI, it was almost certain that ACP would be given the responsibility. “With so many scams happening across the country the agency needs a credible face and who better than ACP. I have worked with him for so many years and I cant think of a reason why he shouldn’t be considered for the post,” said Senior CID Officer Daya.

“While cases languish in the CBI for years, under ACP we have cracked most cases in just two episodes. How can the Govt overlook his contribution,” he questioned.

Sources say, ACP himself was looking forward to be being promoted to the top job for quite some time. A few years back when makers of James Bond approached ACP Pradyuman as a replacement to Daniel Craig, he politely declined the offer saying that he wouldn’t work for any foreign agency.

Though it seems highly unlikely that the Govt will change its decision on this matter, but few of ACP’s well wishers and citizen groups are now planning to write a letter to the PM hoping that there would be a re-look in to this decision and ACP be made the CBI Chief.