Action against foreign travelers if found doing perineum sunning in India: Tourism Ministry issues strict warning 

29, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

With travel season at the doorstep, the country is all set to welcome foreign tourists in the coming months. Though the tourism ministry is looking forward to increased footfalls in the country, it has however warned tourist from indulging in perineum sunning while staying in the country.


Perineum Sunning aka Butthole Sunning is the act that involves exposing your butthole to direct sunlight, which many believe increases Vitamin D levels in the body. The fad seems to be fast catching up with millenials across the globe. Many believe that the act has many health benefits. In India the tourism ministry is not taking any chances. “Touristy beaches of Goa and Kerala, where foreign tourists sunbathe, could be potential trouble points. So we have issued a warning and strict action will be taken against those seen exposing themselves in this indecent way,” said a senior official from the Ministry.

Nothing has been mentioned about the punishment that would be meted out, but officials say that it would lead to blacklisting of tourists for a period of 5 years, during which they won’t be able to enter the country.

The diktat evoked mixed reactions and judging by social media reactions, seems it was largely welcomed by general population.

However, some followers of the weird sun bathing practice termed this action as overreaction and requested the Ministry to look at the benefits of before jumping to any conclusion.

“Butthole sunning has many health benefits. In a country like India this practice needs to be encouraged as Vit D is needed by the body. If Ministry of Tourism is concerned about exposed buttholes, then get an eyemask to cover your eyes. And let me also ask as to why people defecating on the tracks is not an eyesore,” questioned Naram Shohar, a well known socialite.