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Actor throws party to celebrate successful naming of his film

07, Nov 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: After Deepika Padukone threw a grand party to celebrate more than 50 million views for Padmavati trailer, actor Aamir khan is throwing a surprise party for his friends and well-wishers in Bollywood for successfully naming one of his forthcoming movie.

“After Aamir Sir successfully found the title of the new movie for which shooting will start sometime in 2024, he asked me to arrange a party,” said Prakash Yadav, working as personal assistant to Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood.

Like many in Bollywood, we also received an invitation from Aamir khan production house inviting us to join the naming ceremony of his new movie. When we asked Prakash, what is the name of the movie? he declined to share. “It’s a surprise, you have to come to the party. Aamir Sir will disclose that during the naming ceremony,” said Mr. Yadav

Prakash shared with us some details which he claims he has not shared with anyone else. He said, “Aamir sir and his production team after going through some sixty thousand titles over last two months, cut it down to final three. Aamir sir likes all these three titles as they are unique and never heard of titles. He has kept the three names in three different balloons. He will prick them one by one during party tonight, which balloon will give maximum sound while bursting, the name inside that will be registered with filmmakers.com.”

One of the Bollywood producer who has attended every kind of party in Bollywood like movie launch, movie premier, poster launch, trailer launch, songs launch, actors launch etc. is excited to attend a new genre called ‘naming ceremony of movie’.

“Aamir known for being the pioneer in bringing new kind of promotions to Bollywood. I am quite excited to know what would be the movie name that will be released during 2028 Christmas time,” said the veteran party attender.

Kamal R Khan who has not received an invitation, claims he knows all the three titles Aamir has finalized. “Bilkul bakwaas names hain, movie will be a major flop, mark my words”, said Kamal R Khan while requesting US customer care executive of twitter in Hindi to activate his account.