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Adarsh Society to be made taller than Burj Dubai, all flats to the corrupt

01, Nov 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. As a glowing tribute to the growing corruption in the society, the government has decided to convert Adarsh Housing Society as a grand monument of corruption and give a befitting reply to Pakistan, which had earlier threatened to become the most corrupt nation of the world.

The government has decided to add dozens of floors to the Adarsh Society and make it taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is currently the tallest man-made structure ever built.

“Getting a no-objection certificate for raising the height of the building won’t be any problem,” a government spokesperson said, “we are identifying departments and officers who should be bribed. If needed, we’d also identify judges to bribe, say in case the jobless activists take us to the court.”

Adarsh Housing Society
This is going to be much taller than you can imagine

“This will be our corruption castle,” added the spokesperson, showing an allotment letter of the flat to be built on the 150th floor that was awarded to his mother-in-law’s cousin.

As per the plan, all flats currently allotted to Kargil war widows would be cancelled and re-allotted to deserving corrupt bureaucrats, politicians, army-men and judges.

“It will be for the corrupt, by the corrupt and of the corrupt,” summed up the spokesman.

The corrupt guys have decided that the new Adarsh Housing Society would have as many luxuries and facilities as Burj Khalifa currently has, such as hotels, restaurants, corporate suites, parking-lots, swimming pool, and banks with hotlink to the Swiss Bank.

When asked if the foundation of the current building was strong enough to sustain additions of so many more residential floors and complex constructions, the government spokesperson termed these concerns as “stupid”.

“The foundation was laid with corruption,” he said, “and it’s as strong as you can imagine.”

Although the government is more than confident of finding as many corrupt guys who can fill in the floors to make it taller than the Burj Khalifa, they fear that a corrupt construction company, like those employed in the CWG, might make them miss their target.

“We would add a spire on the building once the construction company finishes the work,” the spokesperson divulged the back-up plan, “the height of this spire would be decided once we ascertain the height of the finished building, and thus beat the height of Burj Khalifa.”

Our sources inform us that this spire would not be in a typical tapering conical or pyramidal shape, but in shape of a middle finger, shown prominently to everyone else around in the country.