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Addicted to their smartphones, couple now fighting only in YouTube comments section

21, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: In an interesting case of smartphone addiction, a city based couple is reportedly fighting only in YouTube comments section since neither of them is willing to stop looking at their phones.

Couple fighting even while hugging

Raj and Rajni Sharma got married 5 years ago and like every normal couple, they used to fight with each other at regular interval. However, the number of fights dropped drastically when Raj bought a pair of smartphones for them few years ago.

As the number of fights decreased, the couple started drifting away from each other. To bring themselves closer to each other again, the couple decided to start fighting again. Since they didn’t want to part with their phones, they decided to fight in YouTube comments section only.

“Everyone is fighting there so nobody will notice anything odd about our fight, we will fit right in”, said Raj with a smile.

“Initially we thought that people will notice that we are fighting about something unrelated to the video and try and join in but then we noticed everyone is fighting over something completely unrelated to the video. This gave us confidence that this is where we belong. Now we fight to our hearts content there and neither of us has to stay away from phone”, Rajni said.

When we asked whether they considered any other option, Raj said, “Well yeah. We thought about fighting in rediff comments section but comedians read them for their material. We thought about fighting on Twitter but there again everyone is taking screenshots of every tweet. YouTube comments section was the one where we found some privacy so that we can fight in peace.”

On being questioned about the reasons for their fights, Rajni looked at Faking News reporter with pity in her eyes and said, “You must be single, right? A couple never needs a reason to fight. He just says I am wrong and we take it from there.”

We tried asking a couple more questions but by then, the couple had started ignoring us also and returned to their YouTube fight.