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Adult joke accidentally cracked on police radio pushes whole force into action

14, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. An adult joke that was accidentally broadcast on the Delhi police wireless system early today saw unprecedented physical movements on a mass scale among all the policemen stationed at different places in the city. Sources inform that shoulders, limbs, and bellies of thousands of men on duties were put in reflexive motion, almost synchronous, as soon as the 32-seconds joke cracked by an unidentified person ended.

“I guess it was a mock drill to test the alertness and fitness of the fo-fo-force, he he he.” said sub-inspector Manmeet Singh in Munirka, as he started laughing again when a query about the incident was put to him by Faking News.

Delhi Police file photo
Policemen in Delhi get very rare chances to smile and move their bodies

It’s yet not clear what exactly the joke was about, but many policemen were witnessed smiling and laughing in their PCR vans, check posts, airport, railways station, market places, embassies and outside VIP residences around 2.30 PM on Monday.

“A police van was driving ahead of my car and three people were sitting in the back. At least two of them wore police clothes. One guy, who was yawning, suddenly burst into laughter as the other two gave each other high-fives. Amazed, I looked around, but there was nothing funny except them.” Shailesh, a Delhi resident shared his experience.

Many other residents too were surprised as they witnessed rare scenes of smiling policemen animatedly talking to each other. According to an estimate, Delhi police could have burnt the maximum number of calories for a half-an-hour duration as part of this exercise.

“This clearly shows that reflexes of our forces are working fine.” Delhi Police Chief Y S Dadwal said, as he declined to comment whether the broadcast joke was a careless act or a well thought of plan by the department. He also refused to order any inquiry into the incident.

“What difference does it make?” he added.

Some policemen, as well as some criminals in lock-ups, were still laughing when reports last came in.