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Adult sites replace “bad words” to avoid being blocked by office IT guys

27, May 2011 By Simon

New Delhi. Lifestyle and pornographic websites have begun replacing “filtered” words like “sex” with “it” and other innocent words to stop their sites being blocked by office IT administrators, Faking News has noticed.

“Bored office workers are 75% of our hits,” said Rohit Sharma, founder of a “classy men’s website”. “But we estimated half our potential hits were blocked by office IT administrators because of you know what,” he added, making a sex gesture with his right index finger and left hand.

Porn blocked
Empoyees claim that such messages were a road'block' to their productivity

Since changing the name of his site from to, his hit rate has doubled.

“We had no other option,” said Rohit, “While we were losing traffic, the office workers were forced to visit or MyPages to read about sex and “wardrobe malfunctions”.”

Many other sites have changed their content automatically by replacing “sex” with similar sounding words, which trick IT administrators into thinking that office workers are looking at the stock exchange or have a bizarre interest in County Cricket: Sensex, Essex, Sussex, Middlesex

“This is a good move,” said office pornography viewer Anuj Verma, logging onto (formerly, “It will make me more productive. I normally spend an hour per day searching for unblocked porn sites. Now I will have more time for work, plus now the boss thinks I know about the stock market.” Faking News can confirm that it now takes far less time to look for porn in the office.

Faking News called the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to ask its position on the issue. “We support IT administrators blocking pornographic material,” said a spokesman, “This is imported web content and does not contribute to the productivity of the Indian economy.” Faking News asked if the Ministry was planning to encourage the domestic porn industry, but was told to stop “being silly”.