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Adventure sports company starts business on Mumbai’s potholes filled roads

05, Aug 2014 By hairyindian

Mumbai. In what has been described as a masterstroke by business pundits throughout the world, an adventure company named Xtreme today started a new sport – ride on city’s potholes laden road. Following activities would be part of this new sport on Mumbai’s roads.

Crater Hop: The challenge here is to successfully walk 10 steps on Andheri-Kurla road without landing on a crater (also known as pot holes).

Let’s Ride: This has been described as one of the favorites by early users of the ride. Participants must use their bike and complete a distance of 1 km in less than 1 hour 90 minutes.

What a sight for adrenaline junkies!
What a sight for adrenaline junkies!

Professional motorcycle racer, Valentino Rossi provided some much needed advice to the daredevils, “The idea is to maneuver your bikes in such a manner where your hips must rate smoother than that of a belly dancer.”

“The topography of the place is ideal for adventure enthusiasts around the world,” said owner of the start-up Mr. Silicon Plateau.

Geologists from around the world arrived at the city early Monday morning to study the unique formation of craters on the earth.

Bollywood superstar Uday Chopra too gave his thumps up to the project.

“It’s a dream come true for me. Ever since Dhoom 3, I have not been able to show the world my riding skills. These roads have turned my dreams into reality. And I hate you Nargis, you did not reply to my tweet!” he said.

But BMC officials have vociferously protested against the company, as they have not received any credit for their contributions.

Apart from BMC, Bandra residents too are against this activity. A local association has appealed to the High Court stating they be allowed breed exotic fishes inside those potholes.

“I had especially ordered these fishes from Belgium. I am a pure vegetarian hence am not allowed to keep pets at home. These potholes were the only chance I had to breed my lovely fish, alas now I can’t!” a Bandra boy from Khar said.