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I advised Daenerys to use cloud cover for Dragon attack: PM Narendra Modi

14, May 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Latest episode of Game Of Thrones is out on Hotstar and it shows Queen Daenerys using her dragon with devastating effect. The effectiveness of the dragon attack left many viewers surprised because during last week, her dragons were easily dealt with by Euron, with one of them even dying.


People were wondering what changed in one week but now Indian PM Narendra Modi has explained that he guided Daenerys during this attack increasing the effectiveness of her dragon attack.

Speaking to Faking News during an exclusive interview, Mr. Modi said, “I saw last week how her dragons were totally exposed in the air and became an easy target for Euron’s fleet. I didn’t like that at all and immediately rang up Dany to help her out. Using my raw wisdom, I told her that she should hide her dragons behind the clouds so that Euron’s RADAR can’t detect her. The invisibility will aid her in the attack and glad to see she followed my advice.”

When asked if he knew Queen Daenerys, Mr. Modi said, “Of course, we are very informal friends and we speak to each other in tu-tadaak language. I have known her since my tea selling days. As you know I come from a very poor and humble background, so I used to sell tea. During those tea selling days, Dany and her dothraki friends passed through the desert of Kutch, they changed the name to Qarth in the show, and that is where I provided them tea.”

Mr. Modi refused to divulge whether he has given any further advice to any Game Of Thrones character saying he doesn’t want to spoil the show for everyone else.

After Mr. Modi’s statement, Congress party has attacked the PM for the carnage in King’s Landing and asked him to apologize for his role in that.

Meanwhile, Pakistan PM Imran Khan has complained to the UN that India is planning to use dragons against them in future.