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Afraid of re-test, Bihar MLA removes posters congratulating son for passing XII exam with 41%

06, Jun 2016 By sameer mahawar

Patna: After the Bihar Class XII topper failed in the re-test held, over-proud parents have taken a step back by deciding not to disclose the marks of their children to anyone. Re-examination was held for some Bihar toppers after news reports came in that they didn’t even know the name of the subject they had topped in.

Bihar topper
Topper who cooked her way to the top

A sitting MLA, Mr. Yadav has even removed the posters he put up in his constituency congratulating his son for securing 41% marks in the exams. Those posters were put up only a couple of days earlier but now fearing retest, have been taken down by Mr. Yadav’s men.

“We were very proud of his achievements. He had passed easily by securing 41%, something I failed to do in my younger days so I thought this must be celebrated properly. However, now there is a risk that government may ask for re-examination of all over-achievers so I have decided to hide his performance”, Mr. Yadav said speaking to Faking News.

“My son did get those marks through his own hard work. I didn’t help him in any way so I have confidence in him that he can pass again. But, I don’t have faith in the examiners. What if they set a tough test and slight oonch-neech happens?” Mr. Yadav added.

Lashing out at the “toppers”, Mr. Yadav said ,”These toppers have ruined our celebrations. If they had to cheat, cheat in limits. Bilkul topper hi ban gaye. Is this how this generation is cheating? Shameful. Cheating used to happen during our times. Nobody ever found out whether a person has cheated his way to 60% or studied hard.”

Not just Mr. Yadav, other parents have also started hiding the percentage their children have scored. Nobody even knows how much Sharma Ji ka beta scored in Class XII.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yadav has decided to celebrate his son’s achievement by gifting him a brand new BMW from his meager salary.