Afraid of Raksha Bandhan, Engineers found taking Mechanical elective subject for this week to stay away from girls

13, Aug 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Raksha Bandhan 2019 will be celebrated on August 15. The festival highlights the bond and beautiful relationship between brothers and sisters. But the festival is seen as a real threat for Engineers. Already facing a shortage of girls in their college, Engineers are scared that the limited number of girls will try to make them brothers on Raksha Bandhan day. We have heard stories of Engineers hiding away from the city during these festivals. Some go on a long vacation, some take a long sick leave, and some find a tunnel or secluded place to hide in.


But this year, some Engineers in Mumbai have found an innovative way to stay away from girls. Engineers know the fact that once you are into Mechanical engineer no girl will even talk to you and you will not find a girl in your class too. So many Engineers in a Mumbai Engineering college have taken admission in Mechanical elective courses to stay away from Girls.

The mechanical branches of colleges are getting filled up very fast and colleges have to open up extra classes to cater to the rush of students. Colleges have increased the fees of the Mechanical electives and the seats will be auctioned just like the IPL auction.

Parents who are really worried about their kids selecting Mechanical subjects need to sit back and relax as this is just a temporary phase.