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After banning skirts in clubs, Chandigarh administration asks bars to serve only Milk

20, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: Just a day after ruling that “scantily dressed women” or any “indecency” should not be allowed in the discotheques in Chandigarh, the administration has dropped another bombshell by asking bars to stop selling alcohol. Instead of any booze, the bars will only be allowed to sell milk and milk based products.

Youngsters grooving to latest Honey Singh song after having a glass of milk

The new policy will come into effect immediately from tonight. Administration has asked Chandigarh Police to raid all the bars tonight to ensure that no alcohol is present in any one of them. Any alcohol present will be confiscated and consumed by police and administration officials equally.

“We just want to remove indecency from our night clubs. We started it by banning girls in short dresses but later realized that after drinking, everyone behaves indecently. Now we can’t stop people from entering clubs so we took out the other variable, alcohol. Since we can’t run bars without providing people something to drink, we have asked bar owners to serve milk, lassi and milk shakes”, said a senior official with the Chandigarh administration.

“We are also doing this to cut down on anti-national elements in our society. If someone is drinking angrezi daru instead of desi milk then he or she is obviously anti-national. How will we promote Make in India if we don’t consume Indian products? Such behavior is deplorable and we must root it out”, said the official while sipping Jack Daniels mixed with Coke.

The decision has been met with widespread anger from Chandigarh youth. “This is blatant misuse of authority by the administration. What will we do in the discotheques now? Without having 2 drinks, it is impossible to even dance. Better stay at home and drink milk there only”, said 27 yrs Ranjit Singh, a regular at nightclubs.

Meanwhile, Vijay Mallya has appealed to Chandigarh administration to make special allowance for beer. “This will reduce sales of Kingfisher beer and then how will I repay my loans? In national interest, Chandigarh should allow beer in these bars”, said Mallya.

(Update: looks like we created a fake news on a fake news)