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After engineering, two college buddies on the verge of break-up as long distance relationship not working for them

26, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore/Delhi. Two years after completing engineering, college buddies Arpit and Anoop are on the verge of break-up, as long distance relationship is not working for them.

After passing out of college in 2012, while Arpit joined a company in Bangalore, Anoop moved to Delhi. To begin with, their friendship was going quite well and it appeared distance doesn’t matter if friendship is too strong.

“Don’t worry dude, I am here to party with you”

However, down the line, due to not being physically together in the same city, things started falling apart.

“We weren’t getting quality time to spend together and to do random stupid things. No smoking together, no drinking together. Man, it’s getting really tough to maintain the same level of rapport with Anoop,” said Arpit while explaining reasons behind weakening of bond with Anoop, “Doing such crazy things together works as adhesive and makes the bonding even stronger.”

It’s not like both of them didn’t give each other a chance to bring back the estranged relationship on track.

“In the last two years, we met couple of times and even partied together. But, that was a temporary fix, and its effect ended within two to three weeks,” Arpit continued adding that, Prateek, Anoop’s current flatmate in Delhi, unknowingly played a big role in making the situation even worse.

“Whenever I call Anoop, he says he is partying with Prateek. He promises to call me back in couple of hours, but he calls only the next day,” Arpit told Faking News, “It seems me and Anoop are not anymore best of friends, now Prateek is in between us.”

Last weekend, a perplexed Arpit finally messaged Anoop, which read, “We need to talk.”

When we asked Anoop about his failing relationship with Arpit, he said, both of them were running out of topics to talk about.

“Whenever I used call him, he had nothing much to say. All he kept saying was ‘Aur batao bhai, kya haal hai?’ Earlier we used to talk for hours, but now, not more than 10 minutes. Now, we don’t even talk about the plans that we made in college,” said Anoop while explaining his side of the story, “I think both of us need to move on in our lives.”