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After fighting over ancestral property, family now fighting over who would be admin of their WhatsApp group

21, May 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

An average family which for years had been quarreling about everyone’s claim over their ancestral property has since started quarreling over who would be the admin of their WhatsApp group. This issue has completely eclipsed everything else with many disgruntled claimants threatening legal action.

Admin rights more important that rights over ancestral property
Admin rights more important that rights over ancestral property

We spoke to Ramu Kaka the family’s trusted adviser to understand the situation better, “Well the family for years had been quarreling over small issues chiefly being their ancestral property in order to pass their lazy afternoons but after everyone got a smartphone for themselves the atmosphere around the house seemed so calm and quiet, with the women playing candy crush, the men reading free online newspapers and the children watching porn.”

“But then one of the daughter-in-law had an idea of creating a WhatsApp group and then added everyone else. After the initial euphoria of forwarding devotional, good morning and novel sized messages had died down, sasuma got pissed off at someone and wanted to remove him from the group. But got even angrier when explained that only the daughter in law who was the admin could do that,” he said.

“Sasuma took it as a huge hit to her ego as her bahu was at a superior position as compared to her. Not only her but then other Sasumas started to demand the same privilege but were averse to the idea of having multiple admins as that would have ensued anarchy. Finally Dadi ji was made the group admin but as she couldn’t see properly she kept adding wrong people to the group and was then forced to abdicate. Then whoever was refused Admin rights went ahead to create his own group with him as admin and added everyone else so soon everything plunged into chaos,” Ramu Kaka concluded.

The latest in the family saga is that one of the Uncle brought out their long lasting property dispute in order to deflect attention from the WhatsApp fiasco but was asked to shut up and take the whole property for himself..