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After getting drunk, Bachelor of Technology turns into Master of Philosophy

12, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. Last night in BTM layout area of the city, an IT professional, who happens to be a Bachelor of Technology by degree, turned into Master of Philosophy after consuming too much of alcohol.

Unleashes the philosopher in you.

Rajneesh, a 25-year-old techie working with Infosys was having a ‘Monday Blues Get Over Party’ at his flat along with other friends. It was at this party where Engineer Rajneesh changed into Baba Rajneesh.

“Party started at around 10 PM; every required item like whisky, beer, vodka was in abundance. After an hour or so, when half of our booze stock was over, we started noticing change in behavior of Rajneesh,” said Deepak, one of Rajneesh’s friend recounting incidents from last night.

Rajneesh, staring at the moon through window while remembering his fairness cream addict ex-girlfriend who dumped him for another boy, suddenly said, “Udhaar ki roshini se to chaand ne bhi na jaane kitne aashiq bana liye.”

“He then went outside in the balcony, pointed at the moon, and said it was just an off-white imperfect geometrical shape and only fools would find some beauty in it,” Deepak recalled, “And he had stopped talking in Hindi altogether by then.”

Philosopher Rajneesh is reported to have completely overwhelmed the engineer Rajneesh, who by the end of the party started uttering Osho quotes.

Dumbstruck, his other drunken friends immediately gave him a ‘Sashtang Namaskar’, earning Rajneesh the first few followers.

Buoyed by this development, Rajneesh immediately ordered his friends to get rid of his Bachelor of Technology degree and replace it with a Master of Philosophy degree.

The same night his friends prepared an M.Phil (Masters of Philosophy) from IIPM (Indian Institute of Philosophy and Meditation) and got it signed by a local Bengali baba.

After being a certified Philosopher, Rajneesh wrapped himself in a white cloth and stepped out of his house at 2 o’clock in the night. He took a round of whole colony and finally sat below a Banyan tree to preach his disciples cum friends. Reportedly few street dogs too joined them in the discourse.

Meanwhile, taking a cue from the incident, liquor baron Vijay Mallya has announced to launch a new rum brand – “Young Monk”.