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After IIT Kanpur’s revolt, Kapil Sibal to launch his own IIT-K

09, Jun 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After IIT Kanpur decided to ignore HRD Minister Kapil Sibal’s decision to have a new common entrance test for all IITs, and instead decided to have their own entrance test, Kapil Sibal has decided to get back at IIT-K. Sibal will be launching his own IITK – IIT Kapil, which will be using the new entrance test format and will pioneer new academic standards and methodologies developed by Sibal Sir.

“Admission will be offered solely on the basis of marks obtained in the board exams, and weightage will be given to a student’s past performance in the school, like taking part in slow-cycle race, attendance records, and neat handwriting,” Kapil Sibal listed out some of the crucial admission criteria for admission to the latest IIT.

Insisting that studying for engineering or technology subjects didn’t require any special aptitude or level of hard work, Sibal Sir claimed that his IIT-K will truly democratize engineering education, currently available only to a selected few.

“Anyone should be able to become an engineer, just like anyone can become a politician,” Sibal Sir argued, “In fact, we are thinking of allowing non-Science stream students to get admission in IITs.”

Kapil Sibal
The minister refused to comment whether admission procedure at IIT Kapil would follow first-come-first-serve policy

“For a change, we will not follow the policy set by previous governments,” he said.

“We will be doing many things differently. At IIT Kapil, a student getting zero loss marks won’t be failed,” he threw the bait to the IIT aspirants, “I am confident that we will soon be ranked number one, ahead of all other useless IITs.”

The Union HRD Minister slammed the current IITs for producing students who were not only wasting time on Twitter and Facebook, but even getting employed with Twitter and Facebook with high salaries.

“I don’t like this trend at all,” he said.

When pointed out that the IITs were often claimed to be conceived by Jawaharlal Nehru as center of excellence and any tinkering with their character and autonomy could mean playing with the dreams of Pundit Nehru, Kapil Sibal insisted that he had blessings of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi on the issue.

“Don’t try to give this an anti-Nehru-Gandhi-Family angle,” Sibal warned Faking News reporter, “I am a loyal soldier of the country, party, and the family – in reverse order of importance – and I am making sure that students like Rahul Gandhi have no problem becoming IITians.”