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After lead in Maggi, samples of fresh milk found in Railway pantry tea & coffee

16, Jun 2015 By hemant786

New Delhi. After ban on Maggi in several states, maybe now it could be time for the coffee served by railway pantries. Last evening in a superfast train, a passenger yelled at the pantry staff after he found the coffee tasting milky. A similar incident happened to his co-passenger who bought tea.

“First I thought that in the coffee they might have mixed few droplets of 4-5 days old milk as usual, but afterwards I was shocked to know that the coffee I was drinking was made with ample quantity of fresh & pure milk!” a shocked passenger told Faking News, “For years, I was so used to the railway pantry tea and coffee that I loved it, but this coffee has totally ruined my taste buds. I won’t leave them until I get my compensation!”

“He gave me a tea with milk, elaichi and adrak. How was this possible? I am not used to such tea in trains. I just want a tasteless warm cup of brown water,” said another complainant passenger, “I won’t tolerate this dirty joke at all, and therefore I have already registered my complaint on the railway toll free number.”

Minutes before the cup was thrown away
Minutes before the cup was thrown away

Soon after this news started trending on social media, senior railway officials conducted a high level meeting to look into the matter of grave concern.

“In relation to this complaint, the food testing authority has found high amounts of fresh and pure milk particles in the coffee and tea samples. Adding milk into coffee would not only make the passengers greedy for pure milk coffee but would also burn our pockets. If we start adding milk to every passenger’s coffee, how would we add milk into our own coffee?” an official explained the entire problem to Faking News.

“We have already suspended the pantry staff who was responsible for this mishap. We have also decided to provide a compensation of Rs.5 lakhs to both victims,” the official further revealed.

Our reporter asked a reputed doctor about this incident. He confirmed, “As far as I know, regular consumption of this type of beverage can make the person greedy for milk made coffee and tea.”

According to sources, the government is also shocked by the incident. The Railway Minister hasn’t spoken any word till now about the incident but to them, it has seriously crossed all boundaries and has definitely destroyed the years of railway’s tradition and values.

While everyone seems to stay silent about the incident, a depressed ‘kharab se kharab’ chai wallah expressed his grief to our reporter and said, “Since my childhood I always believed that my tea was the worst tea ever (kharab se kharab) but it has disappointed me badly. Now I won’t shout ‘kharab se kharab chai’ anymore in trains.”