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After Lord Rama, case filed against Yudhishthir for illegal gambling and human trafficking

01, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: After a case was filed against Lord Rama in a Bihar Court, even Yudhishthir is in trouble with the law. A case has been filed in Delhi District courts against Yudhisthir for illegal gambling and human trafficking.

In the absence of real Yudhishthir, Gajendra Chauhan may appear in court
In the absence of real Yudhishthir, Gajendra Chauhan may appear in court

The petitioner, Mr I. M. Berozgaar has accused Yudhisthir of gambling in an unlicensed establishment and trading humans amounting to human trafficking.

Earlier, a Bihar advocate Thakur Chandan Singh had filed a case in a civil court against Lord Ram and his brother Laxman for renouncing Sita.

Speaking to the media after filing the case, Mr Berozgaar said, “I got this idea after learning about the case against Lord Rama. If he can be tried in the court of law then why not Yudhishthir? He was gambling with Duryodhan in a royal court, not a casino, why should laws be relaxed for him? Further, he went on to trade himself, his brothers and Draupadi, this is a clear case of human trafficking. He must pay for his crimes.”

When we asked why he zeroed in on Yudhishthir, Mr Berozgaar said, “Well Ramayana was already covered in the case in Bihar so I had to look at the other epic for publicity inspiration. Every other character was interesting but Yudhishthir really bored me when I saw Mahabharata on TV so I thought this is my chance of getting even with him.”

Mr Berozgaar is not ready to settle down after just one case though. As per reports, he has several other cases planned if this doesn’t get him the publicity justice. He is planning to file a case against Hanuman for avoiding customs duty on Sanjeevani booti, a case against Dusshasan for outraging the modesty of a woman and a case against Lord Krishna for inciting war through his speech to Arjuna.

Meanwhile, a guy waiting for hearing in his case outside the court said, “Good to hear that the court is hearing this case. Now I know that at least 5,000 years later, my case may get settled.”