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After receiving constant abuses on Twitter, man happily decides to vote for Modi

19, Apr 2013 By Bekar Patel

New Delhi. “Yes, I will,” Nodded Vikram, when repeatedly asked if he will indeed vote for Narendra Modi even after being constantly abused on social media.

“I joined Twitter just to see the latest jokes and copy them to my Facebook wall. I didn’t like Twitter much since most people don’t respond here until you troll or praise them. It was all boring until the night I posted an instagram picture of Jessuben Pizza my friend had brought from Gujarat, and tweeted that it didn’t taste as good as Dominos,” Vikram recounted how abuses started flowing in.

The next morning when Vikram woke up, he was ecstatic to see a few Twitter reply notifications on his mobile phone. They were replies from real people, unlike bots that used to send him spam tweets about jobs and viagra earlier.

Narendra Modi
Vikram had almost similar expression on his face when he read the reactions

“Typical of #paidmedia” said one of the replies, which accused Vikram for being anti-Modi and a paid-media, although he was not even a journalist.

Another reply accused him of being a Congress supporter who should settle in Italy.

“I tried to tell them that I’m an apolitical person and I don’t know what they were talking about, but they refused to listen,” Vikram recalled.

Vikram then tweeted “Why are these Modi supporters trolling me?” and his Twitter follower count shot up.

“Within a few hours I was asked to appear on prime-time TV news shows, and soon thereafter I was offered to write weekly column in a newspaper as a Gujarat expert. Initially I refused since I barely know anything about Gujarat and Modi,” the latest Twitter celebrity revealed.

“Finally I gave up and accepted that I was indeed a Modi hater, and see, now I’m giving interviews. Even Faking News came for an interview!” Vikram pointed out.

“I still don’t know what pizza has to with Modi, but after this episode I’ve gained a  few thousand followers, did a few TV interviews, became a freelance writer, and now also planning to buy a new house in Defense Colony in New Delhi,” he candidly admitted.

“And yes, that’s why I will vote for Modi, I don’t want him to lose and become irrelevant. What will happen to me in that case?” Vikram explained.

(The writer is a Gujarat political and economic expert living in Delhi since childhood and hopes to make first Gujarat visit when a secular government comes to power)