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After tasting mess food, IIT aspirant no longer interested in going to IIT

30, May 2012 By Guest Patrakar

Chennai. 18-year-old IIT aspirant Krishnan Iyer has not even checked his JEE result as he is sure that he won’t go to IIT even if he qualifies. Krishnan blames it on the mess food in IIT Madras, which he had tasted a few weeks back. Krishnan found the food so horrible that now he’s no more interested in getting admission in the IITs – a dream he had nurtured since childhood.

The decision of Krishnan has shocked millions of students of his age, who would be glad to go to IITs, but Krishnan believes that millions in this country are deluded.

“It is because they haven’t been to one of their messes,” Krishnan claimed.

Indian food
This was the only piece of delicious food found on the IIT Madras campus. It was found as wallpaper on the laptop of a student.

Sources say that Krishnan has been a studious child since the start. He was enrolled in PIITJEE (Play IIT-JEE) play school by his parents when he was 2 years old. He had successfully advanced to KIITJEE (Kids IIT-JEE), TIITJEE (Teenage IIT-JEE) and then finally SSIITJEE (Senior Secondary IIT-JEE). He has reportedly secured a rank in the top 500, but he’s not bothered to check it out.

“Last month, I went to IIT-Madras with my parents. I had heard from my seniors in IITs that IIT-Madras was the best in food. We were all very happy. And then, we sat down to eat in the mess,” Krishnan recalled the event that changed his life.

“There was a pile of amoeba shaped dry-atta smeared chapatis, there was Aloo dum, where the aloo had so much ‘dum’ that our spoons got bent, but couldn’t crush a single aloo. There was rice which was so thick that we could count the number of rice grains one spoonful contained and there was some gravy, which we later discovered, was supposed to be kadhai paneer.”

“To help ourselves swallow the food, I went to fetch water. I somehow managed to find 3 glasses in the stack which did not have patches of detergent at the bottom,” Krishnan recounted his harrowing experience.

“And all this while, the man on the counter was continuously grinning, as if enjoying our predicament,” he revealed.

“As I was coming back, I saw IIT students eating food. It was as if a battle had been long lost. I saw despair and an utter sense of hopelessness. It was as if they had sacrificed their taste-buds for a sweet future,” the look on Krishnan’s face had turned scary as he spoke these words.

“Maybe this is why they pay IITians better after graduating,” he added as an afterthought, “They can digest anything! If they can digest mess food, they can surely digest smaller challenges like long working hours, boring projects, unhelpful boss, etc.”

“But my intestines are still delicate and appetite is still alive. I shuddered to imagine what kind of food other IITs could be having!” he told Faking News how he decided not to study at IIT and instead get admitted to MIT.

“Mutthaiya Institute of Technology,” he clarified.

He claims that his decision has the support of his parents as his mom has yet not recovered from the food poisoning and his dad has developed a severe food-o-phobia.

Krishnan has demanded that IITs and other engineering institutes should be ranked on the basis of quality of mess food as well, so that he can take an informed decision next year.

(reported by Sudeep Shukla)