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After their exit from EU, Kejriwal offers Brits admission into DU

01, Jul 2016 By sameer mahawar

New Delhi. The aggrieved Brits who voted for ‘Remain’ in the referendum held on 23rd June have something to cheer about as the Chief Minister of Delhi has offered them to join prestigious DU, which a normal Indian can’t even think of if he hasn’t scored above 99% in his 12th boards.

Kejriwal welcoming Brits to DU
Kejriwal welcoming Brits to DU

Arvind Kejriwal, whose followers consider him to be more powerful than Queen Elizabeth, has shown his empathy towards the people who wanted themselves to be called as a part of EU by providing them an opportunity to come a step ahead and join DU instead.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, the spokesperson of Aam Aadmi Party said, “There is a trend of providing freebies to lure public. Admitting one into DU without any cut-off is the most invaluable freebie any political party could ever give. This aims at bringing secularism from the western countries. Diversity will be there in the campus and we could expect more racist attacks (after Africa) that would result in more media coverage of Delhi.”

“The visa requirements would be managed by the External Affairs Department on the condition that they would leave India once their course gets completed. Also, the type of visa that would be issued to them will make them able to move freely in the campuses of DU and JNU but they won’t have access to places like Police Stations which comes directly under the control of Centre (Modi),” he added.

Meanwhile Sharda University and LPU have already starting reserving seats for citizens of Italy, Scotland and other European Union countries which are eyeing to hold a referendum in future and guarantee them with pre-dmission placement offers.