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After watching interviews of various politicians on TV, candidate demands list of questions before his job interview

17, Apr 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Bangalore: Vikas Pawar, who recently watched Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi’s lollipop interviews on TV immediately liked the idea of knowing the questions before coming to the interview.

Pawar is looking for a job change and was scheduled for a face to face interview at SysInfo technologies Ltd yesterday. Before stepping into the interview room he demanded that interviewer should show him all the interview question. But interviewer promptly denied revealing the questions.

Vikas immediately questioned back, “How can I prepare without knowing the questions? All important interviews are fixed these days; some are even rehearsed. Don’t you watch TV?” Sadly his question fell on deaf ears of HR.

In a chat with Shaitaan Khopdi™,Vikas gave example of Arvind Kejriwal’s now legendary interview by Punya Prasun Bajpai that went viral, Narendra Modi’s interview on India TV and Rahul Gandhi’s interview by Aaj Tak.

Modi fixed interview
The interviews that led Vikas to believe he could fix his.

“These guys are supposed to run our country still they demand the list of questions before appearing for interview. While I will just be running few script on customer’s environment at max,” Vikas argued.

“Why are they maintaining hype about questions? We know very well that in the name of taking interview they will google ‘Java interview questions’ and look for questions, while I will do the same and look for answers. In a way the questions are already fixed, then why not be a little accommodating?,” he further alleged amidst frequent chants of “Bahut Krantikari” by Shaitaan Khopdi™.

Faking News got in touch with the HR of the company to know the other side of story.

“This guy was behaving weird from the beginning. As soon as we started the interview, he kept looking into projector lens (mistaking it for a camera) while answering questions. Whenever we asked tough questions, he would start muttering some business jargon which he himself cant explain. Whenever he could not answer any question, he would say “Ye wala thoda theoretical hai isliye isme mai nahi jaa raha”,” the HR disclosed.

“He even demanded that his friends be allowed to come into the interview room to help him with the answers. When we politely denied that too; he got up, took a sip of water and left the interview saying “Bas job opening bani rahe”,” the HR further revealed.

“While he was going away from the interview room, I tried calling him back, “Come back Mr. Pawar!!!”, he turned back and replied “Abki Bar Modi Sarkaar”,” he went on to add.

Vikas even alleged that HR was on the payroll of the employer.

“No he was not under influence of Fair and Lovely; he was just a genuine idiot,” confirmed the HR.