Ahead of polls Fadnavis promises defecation free railway tracks in Mumbai, announces mega CCTV project to catch offenders 

18, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

To bolster his chances of winning the elections, CM Devendra Fadnavis is all set to announce a project to woo local train commuters in the city.

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While speaking at a rally, the CM said defecation along the tracks is a eyesore for local train travelers in the city and steps will be taken to tackle the issue. “Though I am from Nagpur, I am well aware of the problems face by commuters in the city. Apart from crowded trains, they have to to bear the assault on visual and olfactory senses. But that is going to be history very soon thanks to this project,” he said.

Sources say that Govt plans to spend crores on CCTVs which will be installed at strategic locations on the entire length and breadth of suburban rail network. The idea is to catch offenders, penalize them so that such acts are not repeated in future.

As per reports the notorious stretch of Bandra-Mahim-Matunga itself generates a huge pile of human waste.

Speaking on the urgency of the project a senior Govt official said, “If these dwellers are not reigned in, they might even migrate to metro tracks one it is operational. We don’t want that to happen. In fact in the last few weeks itself we caught many people yellow handed…I mean red-handed. Once the CCTV’s are installed, our staff won’t have to patrol the tracks. Offenders would be asked to pay fines via sms.”

But even before even before a formal roadmap, the project has already run into a roadblock. Questions are being raised over who will watch the footage. Many railway staff said that the are not comfortable with watching people relieve themselves on tracks.

But railway authorities say that these are just teething issues and would be taken care of.