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AIIMS doctor who never wore a helmet while riding now wears a helmet inside the hospital

24, Mar 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: Around 1200 doctors of AIIMS Delhi turned up on duty yesterday wearing helmets, to support their striking counterparts in Maharashtra. The scene inside the hospital was nothing less than a crowded street with many bikers around, though there were no bikes here


It all started in Mumbai, where a resident doctor was attacked by a patient’s relative, leading to all resident doctors going on strike from Monday. The Maharashtra government has comedown strongly on the striking doctors with a threat of pay-cut if they don’t return to work immediately

Our Faking News reporter caught up with one such protesting doctor, Dr Shwetank Srivastava at AIIMS Delhi and he had this to say, “Ours is a peaceful way of protest and we had to plan it well. Yesterday was the first time I entered a helmet shop and spent lot of time in choosing the right one. I had never before worn a helmet while riding my bike, but I am wearing it now to show my support to colleagues in Maharashtra.”

The hospital administration was shocked to see so many doctors wearing helmets on Wednesday, as most of them commute by bikes but were never before seen in helmets. When asked to comment on the strike they said that if the doctors were so worried about their lives, why do they not wear helmets daily while riding.To this Shwetank replied that wearing a helmet while riding is too suffocating and also spoils their hair, which makes them very distressed while treating a patient so by not wearing a helmet they are actually doing a great service to the patients

Meanwhile, our reporter found many helmet selling stalls outside the AIIMS gate. The vendors were even offering discounts on purchase of more than one helmet. The government though has a smart way to tackle this issue. There are talks about levying a hefty fine on doctors not wearing helmets with ISI mark on it. This move will discourage the doctors to continue their protest as ISI marked helmets are too costly for them, if they don’t have to use them throughout the year.