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Air India announce chappals, shoes not allowed inside cabin, need to be checked in as baggage

25, Mar 2017 By dasu

Couple of incidents that happened inside Air India flights have come to limelight in last few days. In one case Kapil Sharma threw his shoe at Sunil Grover because Sunil along with other team members started eating before Mr. Sharma finished his drinks.

In another case Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad started hitting Air India staff with chappal because he was not given a business class seat and instead he was asked to take an economy class seat which another MP has termed it in that past as cattle class.

“Our investigation for both the incidents are not complete, however, looking at the danger the shoes and chappals pose to co-passengers as well as our cabin crew members, we have decided henceforth passengers need to remove footwears during check-in time, shoes and chappals must be packed along with their baggage which are not allowed inside cabin,” said Air India spokesperson while speaking to us.

AI spokesperson went on to add, “Our airports are clean and there is no danger to our passengers if they walk barefoot inside the airports”. When we asked, there are instances when baggages are lost or misplaced, do you expect the passengers to go from airport barefoot, Mr. Saxena told, “No, we will keep some spare chappals at exit gates, we will hand over those to such passengers. However, we being a public carrier running through taxpayers’ money, we cannot give those foot wears for free. Passengers need to return them while collecting their baggage.”

At the check-in counter, we witnessed heated argument between a couple with Air India staff. The girl, Arati, was ready to remove her high heels, but her fiancé Sumedh was not ready. Mr. Sumedh told us, “Next month we are getting married. My parents and some of my relatives are coming to airport to receive us. If they will see Arati is no match for me in height, they might cancel my wedding. They must allow Arati to wear her high heels, otherwise need full refund, I will book in another private airline.”

At the end, Air India and Sumedh had a compromise, Arati must leave her high heels inside cockpit, after landing she will get it.