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Air India pilot suspended for turning up drunk, says he drank to ease pain in case an MP beats him up

10, Apr 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

An Air India pilot has been suspended for three months after he tested positive in the pre-flight alcohol test. The pilot was to fly the aircraft from Delhi to Abu Dhabi. The reason he gave for turning up drunk on duty was to ease pain in case he gets beaten up by any MP.

This incident comes hours after Air India lifted the ban on Ravindra Gaikwad, the Shivsena MP who was accused of beating up Air India staff memAIr-India-Pilot-Drunkber. The Air India staff is afraid of such incidents repeating in future and are trying to take precautionary measures. Our reporter on field from the Delhi airport sent us footage of crew members entering flights with helmets and other body protection equipment.

The suspended pilot spoke to the Faking News reporter and conveyed this, “I have never turned up drunk on duty, but the recent cases of crew members being beaten up by MPs has instilled fear in me. Pilots are not allowed to wear protective gear on the top of their uniforms so I had to use some other method. Getting drunk would not save me from the beating but at least it will ease some pain caused due to the beating.”

The pilot sure has a point here. His colleagues have come out in support of his action and has asked Air India management provide extra security to the employees. Some of the suggestions given by employees include face protection gear to resist the slaps of MP, injuries caused due to beating by MP to be covered under insurance, only one beating to be allowed per month and anything above that should entitle them for extra ‘getting beaten up’ allowance.

Well, the suspended pilot will surely not be given the benefit of doubt but Air India should come up with plans to prevent such incidents in future and give confidence to its employees.