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Air India vows to become the worst airline within next 3 years

11, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Stung by criticism after a report by aviation insights company Flight Stats ranked them 3rd worst airline in the world, Air India has assured everyone that they will work towards becoming the worst airline in the world. In the report, Israeli airline El Al bagged the coveted title of the worst airline while Icelandair ranked 2nd worst.

Air India
Still not the worst

Air India has been frequently mentioned as the worst airline in the world by proud Indians but they are now shocked to hear that Air India has let them down. To counter this, Air India management has taken a vow that they will work hard and get the title of the worst airline within next 3 years.

“It will be a challenge, we don’t deny that but I have full faith in our employees. Indians deserve to have the worst airline in the world and we are going to give it to them. We seek just 3 years time from the people to move up the 2 places we need to, we look forward to everyone’s support”, a senior Air India official told Faking News.

When asked what steps they will take during the next 3 years, he said ,”I have noticed that the meals we serve during a flight are always hot, that has to change. Our meals must be colder than the smile our ground staff gives to people coming in for a check in. We have noticed that some punctuality has also crept in, we have to change that. Maybe we will secretly set every employee’s watch back by a couple of hours. We are not losing many bags these days so we have to buck up there as well. All in all, there are many areas where we can improve.”

As per sources, Air India has already started spraying a special room freshener in their planes that contains the smell of dried vomit to improve their rankings.