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Ajay Devgn does 'zubaan kesari' at polling booth, accidentally gets both his fingers inked while casting his vote

29, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

Bollywood actor and brand ambassador of Vimal Elaichi mouth freshener Ajay Devgn today cast his vote for the Lok Sabha elections in Mumbai. However, he accidentally got both his fingers inked by the polling booth officials.

ajay devgan

Sources say that the actor was seen doing his famous ‘Zubaan Kesari’ pose while casting his vote and placed both his fingers before the polling booth official.

Before Ajay could realize his mistake, his fingers were already marked in ink. Speaking to Faking News the Chief Officer of the booth said, “Our staff was probably in awe of the bollywood star and it could have led to a momentary lapse of concentration. We have suspended the official for now. And we have also requested celebs to keep their brand associations outside the booth.”

Though EC might brush it off as a minor incident, fans of the actor were full of praise and didn’t stop from expressing themselves on social media.

“This is the first time something like this has happened in Independent India. Never before have we seen two fingers being inked for any voter. Must say Ajay has set a precedent. Could the Election Commission make it mandatory for voters to get both their fingers inked from next elections,” remarked a die-hard fan of the actor.

There were some who differed and criticized the actor for promoting paan masala at the polling booth. “The last thing he should have done is that lousy two finger act of his. This is akin to trivializing something as important as voting. EC should take action against him,” said a popular writer and news analyst.

Barring Ajay’s gaffe, elections in the city had nothing much to report about. Earlier in the day however there was momentary scare at a polling booth in Bandra after an unidentified drone was seen hovering, later identified as Tiger Shroff who had come to cast his vote.