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Ajit Pawar could be awarded Bharat Ratna on Republic Day: Sources 

25, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

Even as the suspense over Government formation continues, corruption cases against the NCP leader were today closed along with a clean chit. Sources say that Govt is also planning to honor the leader with a Bharat Ratna on Republic Day.

ajit pawar

A source close to the development and a member of Ajit Pawar camp said, “He deserves nothing less than the highest civilian award for his exceptional service in the field of politics. It is not easy to maneuver something like this when you are under the shadow of Sharad Pawar. The only reason why BJP can today dream of forming Govt in Maharashtra is because of Ajitdada. So it is not surprising at all if they express their gratitude in the form of Bharat Ratna.”

There is no official word on this but party sources believe that an announcement will be made once the BJP-NCP alliance comes to power in Maharshtra. MLA’s from Pawar camp, though happy for their leader, said that they too derserved a civilian honor for their efforts in Govt formation. “Most people think that we are having fun shuttling between hotels. But the truth is quite contrary. We have to sacrifice family time to help our leaders make a deal…I mean make a decision on whom to support keeping in mind the best interests of farmers,” said an MLA who didn’t wish to be named.

Meanwhile Sanjay Raut, though shocked at the news, maintained his composure and in his characteristics style let out a few lines from a popular Bollywood song to express his feelings. The Sena is now mulling going to the Supreme Court to as a protest against Bharat Ratna to Ajit Pawar.