Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


Alcohol won't be included in essential services, stop sending Millions of requests each day: PM Modi

26, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Fed up of millions of requests on every social media platform, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has clarified that alcohol will not be included in essential services during the 21 days lockdown period during Coronavirus.

PM Modi has clarified that wine shops will not be opened (officially), and no home delivery of alcohol will be permitted.

Addressing the nation, PM Modi said, “These days me and my staff are unable to read genuine queries and requests online because every platform is full of people asking me to mark alcohol as an essential item. I gave you 4 hours to collect your quota for 3 weeks, itne me to pakka sharaabi poora theka le aata hai but you didn’t move, you snooze, you lose, now smell the alcohol in your hand sanitizer and enjoy.”

“It is not that it is impossible to manage without alcohol, I was CM of Gujarat for a long time, nobody asked me to remove the ban on alcohol. Everyone was self sufficient and managed without bothering the state, why can’t the rest of India do the same? You are the future of this country, you have to show a bit of resourcefulness to get what you want”, the PM added.

Meanwhile, PMO has announced that tonight at 8 PM Modi will demonstrate how to cook Maggi for the benefit of all the Raja Betas in the country who are dying of hunger in the absence of restaurants to visit.