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All round condemnation of attack on CRPF men kills one Naxal

25, Apr 2017 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In the first ever instance of its kind, a Naxal died yesterday after hearing all round condemnation of the Naxal  attack on CRPF men. The Naxal, whose name has been requested to be withheld by his organization, couldn’t sustain the massive blows of condemnation that were falling on him from all corners as one leader after another condemned the cowardly and dastardly act of killing CRPF men in an ambush.

Funeral procession of the dead Naxal
Funeral procession of the dead Naxal

“He was feeling very drained out and dejected since last night,” an aide of the dead Naxal said, “The moment Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted that he has been pained by the attack, our Naxal comrade started feeling a bit uneasy and complained of nausea. He was distraught after realizing that his action have caused pain to the Indian Home Minister.”

“We gave him some water and tried to calm him down but just when he was getting back to normal, he read that PM Modi has called his actions cowardly and deplorable. He immediately started shaking after reading that. PM Modi delivered another crushing blow when he promised that the death of CRPF men will not go in vain,” the dead Naxal’s friend revealed how the unsuspecting Naxal health deteriorated quickly with all the condemnation coming his way.

Soon every Indian leader condemned the attack and nonstop condemnations started falling in on the helpless Naxal from every corner, with even opposition leaders joining in to condemn this attack.

“He complained of an acute pain in heart when he came to know about strong condemnation from the Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh,” the dead Naxal’s colleague recalled with horror the hardships his friend had to go through yesterday.

“He succumbed to his injuries once he heard that cabinet minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has asked whether the CRPF men have any human rights or not. He felt so ashamed of himself for not respecting the human rights of CRPF men that he couldn’t live with himself any longer,” he said.

Maoists have accepted that it was an “intelligence failure” on their part not to have armed and trained the now deceased Naxal against such condemnation that are always expected after any attack.

“We are not ashamed to accept that we failed,” a Maoist leader told Faking News, “We are not going to look for excuses like those who recklessly condemned and killed our friend.”