Amidst concerns over recession, Rohit Shetty offers to help Auto industry by promising to use SUVs other than Scorpio in his movies

20, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

While the world has not yet felt the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic, there are widespread concerns over a looming recession.


Successive quarters of negative growth will see many job losses across sectors. According to experts, along with other sectors the pandemic could come across as a knockout punch to the auto industry.

But hope is not lost yet. Bollywood director Rohit Shetty has assured that there was nothing to worry and offered to bail out the entire auto industry.

According to sources, Rohit will be announcing Golmaal and Singham sequels in the second half of the year and has promised to use cars other than Scorpio in his movies.

Speaking to Faking News Rohit said, “Till now I have been using Mahindra Scorpio for my movies. But given the situation we are in currently, it is important that expand our preferences to stymie to any signs of recession. So I have decided that my movies will now have SUV’s from other manufacturers as well.”

Sources close to the director say that many SUVs are already lined up to be hurled in the air. “We will shoot these ‘SUVs flying in the air’ scenes first and then maybe think about the script,” revealed an assistant director.

Stock market welcomed the news and stocks of most auto companies saw an upswing. Mahindra Auto however fell sharply and remained in red till trading ended.

Rohit’s gesture won him praise from PM Modi as well. Highly placed sources in the Govt say that PM may ask citizens who own a car to start their vehicles and honk their horns for exactly 5 mins on Sunday at 5pm.

There was no official confirmation from the PMs Office on this task yet.