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Amit Shah prepares a list of people for sending New Year greetings, Congress calls it the first step to NRC

31, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

It’s the end of 2019 and like most people, Home Minister Amit Shah too got busy with preparing list of people he’d be sending New Years greetings. However when the news of this exercise seems to have raised the hackles of Congress party and called it the first step to NRC.

While speaking at a press conference, Rahul Gandhi said, “This list is a facade. The real intent is to divide the citizens of this country. Amit Shah will send New Year greetings only to certain people and exclude the rest. This is how the seeds of NRC will be sown. This is demonetization no. 3 and a tax on the common man.”

Rahul also wanted the list to be made public to ensure that greetings are sent to minorities as well. “Mai Amit Shahji ko challenge karta hu ki woh iss list ko public karke dikhayein. Agar nahi kiya to hum iss list ka bhi virodh karenge,” he added.

The Congress party has said that it will call for a nationwide protest against the ‘New Years Greetings List’ on 1st Jan 2020. TMC leader Mamata Bannerjee has also given her support and said that she won’t reciprocate if she gets a greeting from Amit Shah.

Shiv Sena was undecided on the list and needed time to decide. “Agar greetings ke saath gifts bhi aate hai toh hum uska swagat karte hai,” said Sanjay Raut, while giving an indication that they were not happy with the gift they got during Secret Santa and wanted a better deal this time around.

Responding to allegations from Congress, Amit Shah refused to comment further on the issue and slapped his forehead multiple times in frustration.