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Anti CAA protest in South Mumbai postponed after protesters couldn't agree on the dress code for the protest 

16, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Protests against Citizenship Amendment Bill which were scheduled to take place in Mumbai on 16th has been postponed after protesters couldn’t agree on the venue and dress code for the protest. The protest called by a group of students via their FB page asked participants to gather around 2 pm along Marine Drive.


“The idea is to express our silent protest against the atrocities of the cops in Delhi. Our FB page calling for the protest at Marine Drive has already received half a million likes and it is expected to be a huge event,” said the founder of the social media page while speaking to our reporter.

However many of the participants commented that they were from the suburbs and South Mumbai was far for them especially on a weekday. “For the afternoon protest I will have to catch a Churchgate fast local from Andheri which is fine. But while returning the evening I will get the rush hour. Even if there is no lathi-charge charge during the protest, I will return bruised and battered thanks to the rowdy crowd in the train,” complained a 24 year old media professional.

Those from Churchgate and Bandra had their own issues. “This protest has been called such a short notice that I won’t even get time to visit the beauty parlor. You see there could be some news channels there and I need to look good. Don’t even have a proper dress to wear,” remarked a socialite from Nariman Point.

A set of participants wanted the dress code to be formal while others sought a more relaxed attire. Their disagreement started from the comments from the FB page and spread all over social media which led to intense trolling from both sides.

Owing to the unrest on their page, the organizers have now decided to postpone the protest. The date and time will be announced through their social media handles.