Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


Anticipating another 'Sunday 5pm 5 minutes' in today's address by PM, man gets ready with a new set of utensils to bang

24, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

With PM Modi set to address the nation at 8pm once again today, a Delhi based man is all set once again with his new set of utensils.

Brimming with excitement , the man is anticipating that PM may once again ask citizens to clap or bang vessels from their respective homes to show appreciation for the medical community.

Speaking to Faking News, the man said, “My performance last Sunday was good, but his time I want to take it a notch higher. So I have managed to lay my hands on this brand new utensil set that I got from my in-laws. The ones I used last Sunday are broken because of the vigorous banging.”

Initially reluctant with the idea of trashing pots and pans, his wife gave in when he agreed to make a TikTok video of their performance and share it on social media.

“I am also planning to make a TikTok video of my performance. There were many which went viral last week . Hope mine too goes too,” he added.

His neighbors weren’t too happy with the idea. “My ears were bleeding with the cacophony last week. Why doesn’t simple clapping suffice? If he tries it this week ask well, then I will trash him like a utensil,” said his next door neighbor, visibly livid.

That however did not dampen the spirits of our next social media star, who spent the better half of the day watching Youtube videos to polish his drumming skills.