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Apple EVMs, Starbucks inside polling booths from next elections to increase voter turnout in South Mumbai: Elections Commission 

22, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Voter turnout figures in South Mumbai were once again disappointing. Colaba had the lowest turnout in entire Maharashtra, forcing Election Commission to now look for incentives to draw South Mumbai voters to polling booth.


Sources say that EC is giving serious thought to the idea of having an mini Starbucks outlet inside polling booths to attract young voters. Speaking to Faking News an official said, “It is the same story every election. We are at our wits end over participation of these South Mumbai people. So we are looking at ways to get them to vote. Starbucks at voting centers is one of the option that we are seriously considering.”

Low voter turnout is not a new phenomenon in this part of the city. South Mumbai has previously too shown disdain for elections.

A research conducted by an independent agency pinned the blame on the lack of interest people from Colaba and Malabar hill have with dragging themselves to the booth and voting.

“In fact, residents of Colaba have shown greater participation in the US Presidential elections. Many even went out to vote during the previous US elections and cribbed that they couldn’t find any polling booth,” said an EC official.

Taking cognizance of this issue, Govt has now asked EC to look at ways to increase participation. Officials are in talk with tech giant Apple to manufacture EVM machines.

“South Mumbai voters are brand conscious, even when it comes EVM machines. They won’t settle for anything less than Apple. It things work out, we could see iEVMs in South Mumbai polling booths from next elections,” revealed an official.

Tim Cook is expected to visit India in December to take the discussion forward.