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Apple says after going through iPhone7 sales region wise, Tim Cook will wish Indians on Gudi Padwa, Chhath and Bihu also

02, Nov 2016 By dasu

Tim Cook does not want to stop after wishing happy Diwali through twitter. He is betting big on India, so he has plans to wish Indians during other festive occasions.

Mumbai: Apple’s CEO Tim Cook greets in 'namaste' style at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai on Wednesday. PTI Photo (PTI5_18_2016_000203B)

Speaking to Faking News, Sanjeev Kaul, Head of Apple India said, “We celebrate so many festivals throughout the year here in India and as you know some of our festivals remain specific to certain parts of India. I am born and brought up here in India and still I don’t know more than half of the festivals. Keeping this in mind, it is highly unfair to expect the CEO of the largest tech company in the world wishing Indians on every occasion.”

“In first phase, we will go through our iphone7 sales data region wise. If a certain region, say for Maharashtra we see good numbers, Tim will come forward and wish the people celebrating Gudi Padwa.  As Tim has to send some message and a unique photograph taken on iPhone, he has asked me to restrict the festivals wishing list to ten only for the year,” added Sanjeev.

“It means lot of festivals will fall outside of his wishing list. For common public it might not impact much, they will go ahead and celebrate as they are doing right now. Some of Apple fans might feel bad if they come to know about it. However as per our research we know Apple fans hardly get time to celebrate any festival with family and friends, apart from social media they remain hooked in to Siri, Facetime all the time,” said Sanjeev.

Though it might come as a surprise to some, Chhath has made it to this year list because of the huge jump in iPhone sales in certain pockets where the festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm.

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