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Arijit Singh belts out his popular songs at Dandiya event, guests end up crying for 2 hours

07, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Dandiya celebrations turned into mourn-fest at an event in Mumbai after chief guest Arijit Singh belts out some of his popular songs at the event.


Around 200 guest who took part in the event ended up crying for 2 hours, some even had to escorted out the the venue. Speaking on the issue an eyewitness on the condition of anonymity said, “Arijit took to the stage shortly after the event started. In the beginning everything seemed fined as those in attendance were busy dancing to the tune of the songs. But it seems like Arijit’s soulful voice touched the emotional chords of many. And in no time everything turned into a mourn fest.”

Sources say that shrieks and wails could be heard for as far off as 2 km from the event venue. The singer sang songs such as ‘Main phir bhi tujhko chahunga‘ and ‘Channa mereyea‘ among other of his popular songs. The wailing reached a crescendo when Arijit started singing ‘Sun raha hai na tu‘.

Cops had to step in to mitigate the situation. “First I though it was some kind of terrorist attack. It was only after we reached the venue, things became clear. We asked Arijit to stop singing immediately and was asked the singer to leave the event before things got out of hand,” revealed an officer from the local police station.

Organizers faced flak for having Arijit Singh as guest. “Isn’t Dandiya supposed to be about merriment and joy. For the love of God who came up with the idea of having Arijit Singh on the stage,” yelled an attendee who was livid at his evening being ruined.

Not everyone was angry though. A few enterprising individuals set up tissue paper stalls at the event and made a killing.