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Arindam Chaudhuri announces course in International Lobbying

11, Dec 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In order to strengthen their position of being the number one b-school ahead of all IIMs in terms of international exposure, IIPM will soon be launching a course in international lobbying.

“I had thought about it two years ago when Radia tapes were made public,” IIPM dean and thinker Professor Arindam Chaudhuri told Faking News.

“I wrote extensively on how it was completely ethical for journalists to lobby, but no one listened,” the management guru rued, “Now lobbying is back in news with Walmart spending 125 crores to gain entry in markets like India, so this is perfect time to launch the course.”

Arindam Chaudhuri
Professor Arindam Chaudhuri asking what is so controversial about lobbying

The course, titled Masters in International Lobbying and Fundraising (MILF), will be a two years degree course offered by a college in the USA. The students will get to visit the US campus as part of the free study tour of 4 weeks.

“It’s a college in the USA,” Prof. Chaudhuri clarified when asked about details of the educational arrangement and its affiliation to bodies like UGC.

The author of many best-selling management books further declared that many known lobbyists from the USA will be invited for guest lectures as part of the MILF course.

“In order to learn about Indian lobbying, we will be inviting some top journalists and relatives of some top ranking bureaucrats,” Prof. Chaudhuri revealed.

“And of course, I’ll be there to teach them,” he added, “Lobbying is all about influencing opinions. Who knows better to influence opinions than me? I have been influencing opinions of thousands of MBA aspirants for ages now.”

Among the other highlights of the course, the students will get a free iPhone at the time of admission and they will be encouraged to make calls from that phone, Nira Radia style, and lobby to win a free laptop.

“The pedagogy is designed to make the students perfect lobbyists,” Prof. Chaudhuri explained, “In fact, the grades awarded to students will totally depend upon their lobbying skills i.e. how well they bootlick please their professors and bribe socialize with TAs/RAs.”

“Yes, that’s how many students get grades in many b-schools of India currently, but we are making it official,” he conceded, “Just like lobbying happens in India, but all that is needed is to make it official.”

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