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Arindam Chaudhuri renames his book as “Discover the Petrol in You”

16, Sep 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In keeping with the changing times, IIPM dean and motivational speaker Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri has decided to re-launch his bestselling book “Discover the Diamond in You” after replacing “diamond” with “petrol”. This was done after petrol prices were increased yet again across the country last night, making it one of the dearest commodities for Indians.

“Diamonds have not been in news recently, and last time when they were, it was about the Mumbai blasts targeting the diamond merchants in Zaveri Bazaar,” a global marketing consultant with the IIPM group explained why the need for change in book’s name was felt.

Discover the Petrol in You, Discover the Diamond in You
Dare to think beyond price hikes

“Arindam Sir believes in spreading happiness and showing the brighter side of the life hence we decided to replace diamonds with something more relevant and newsworthy,” he added.

The marketing team of IIPM, which believes in giving thorns to competition, first thought of replacing Diamond with Gold as gold prices too have been rising like crazy. But the idea was dropped as gold also reminded people of Manappuram Gold Loan’s brand ambassador Akshay Kumar, who seems to have discovered the Tusshar Kapoor in himself these days.

“It would have defeated the purpose of being a self-help book,” the marketing consultant clarified.

It didn’t take much time before the IIPM think-tank shortlisted petroleum products for being the worthy replacement for diamonds in the current scheme of things. Initially it was suggested that the book be called “Discover the Tel in You” with the Hindi word tel (तेल) symbolizing petrol, diesel and kerosene.

However, the suggestion was quickly discarded as a member pointed out that the word ‘tel’ rhymed with ponytail.

Finally it was decided that the book will be called “Discover the Petrol in You” to leverage the current advantage that was available in the market due to latest hike in petrol prices.

“We won’t even need Shahrukh Khan to launch the book to get publicity at this time,” an IIPM source justified the renaming of the book.

The new book, expected to be a runaway bestseller again, will be available in stands from this Monday. The book is priced at 350 rupees per copy and will come with a free gift voucher, which enables a buyer to redeem it against one liter of petrol within a year.

“We just hope and pray that petrol prices don’t go above 350 rupees by that time, or we are doomed,” an economics consultant with IIPM expressed his deepest fears.