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Arnab defends his ‘exit poll’ results in Haryana, says our poll correctly predicted that BJP will ‘exit’ from Haryana

24, Oct 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. As per the latest trends observed in Haryana election results, JJP is forming the government in alliance with the Congress, something totally opposite of what Arnab and his team at the republic predicted in the Exit Polls. But Arnab being Arnab knows how to use language to come out of this tricky situation.


Arnab has clarified that his team had predicted that BJP will exit the Haryana government and a new party or alliance will form the government. He has in fact asked is management to distribute bonus to his employees for predicting the result correctly.

Faking News team spoke to Arnab and he had this to say,” Our exit polls are never wrong. We had said that BJP is leading the race in Haryana, but people misunderstood as them winning the elections, but what we were saying is that BJP is leading the race in going out of Haryana. People need to read between the lines. We cannot spoon-feed all data. That thing is done by the boring news channels, not a cool and futuristic news channel like the Republic.”

Amit Shah who is a stalwart when it comes to forming a government from worse situations is likely to fail this time and he has blamed the slow internet offered by Kejriwal in Delhi as he was not able to get perfect data of the Haryana elections to formulate a win. But he has vowed to use his personal internet connection and show his magic in the Delhi elections.