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Arnab has the footage of Kohli-Kumble fight which he will show in his next TV channel

08, Jul 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: There are some media channels who are claiming Virat Kohli had a heated exchange with Anil Kumble, some are telling after argument Virat went on to ‘abuse’ Kumble in the team meeting before the champions trophy final.

We are not sure who is telling the truth, but our sources say only Arnab Goswami has the exclusive footage of the fight between Kohli and Kumble.

When we asked our source, who is close to Mr. Goswami, already a week has passed, still this has not been telecasted in Republic TV. He said, “This footage Arnab is keeping for his next channel. We do not know when that will happen, but I can confidently say we will get a chance to see this sometime in future.”

When we pointed out why Arnab is repeating the same mistake he did in Shashi Tharoor-Sunanda Pushkar case, where Times Now has put a criminal case against him saying the tapes he got when he was with them, but deliberately hold it back to boost the TRP of a new channel which he launched later.

Our source said, “Arnab is careful this time, he has used freelancers nowhere in connection with Republic TV to capture the footage of Kohli-Kumble altercation. Even if other shareholders of Republic TV complain about it later, there would be no problem for him.”

What about Public who wants to know the ‘truth’, they are forced to wait for long time. Our source got agitated and said, “We get good salary, do we spend everything at once. We save some portion for later like when you lose job. Same thing Arnab has done here. He has saved some portion, who knows he might lose job leave Republic TV one day to pursue his career interest outside. I see, nothing wrong what he is doing. Anyway, he has told there are enough interesting topics till end of this year to keep his channel at number one position, so he doesn’t need this footage for now.”

When we asked if some other media house who might ‘buy’ this footage, he said, “Arnab works with people who are not ‘bikau’. No chance, it will always remain with him.”