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Arnab’s housing society removes intercom facility for him as his voice is loud enough for everyone

09, Jun 2016 By dasu

Mumbai: The housing society where superstar news anchor Arnab Goswami resides has decided to remove the intercom facility from his apartment as it was not serving any practical purpose. The device has been installed at another apartment to replace a malfunctioning device there.

Arnab Goswami
Mr. Loud

While explaining the reason behind the decision to his fans, the secretary of the housing society, Mr. Batliwala said, “We have nothing personal against Arnab. After all Arnab Goswami who is staying here for better part of the past decade, is the voice of our society. In spite of his hectic work load, he has never shied away in raising our concerns to the builder and other authorities. Like his news shows, he is always well prepared and asks questions that the society wants to know.”

“However, when we needed a new intercom device, we thought why we don’t use the one in Arnab’s apartment since he doesn’t need it. He speaks in his apartment and everyone in the society can hear him clearly without any intercom. We think it is because of his habit of shouting at his panelists in the studio, he just carries that habit home with him. In fact, whenever he calls the building watchman, the watchman hears what Arnab says without even picking up the phone”, Mr. Batliwala explained.

Praising Arnab, Mr. Batliwala said, “Thanks to the gifted vocal cords he has got, he can generate sounds of 100 decibels effortlessly. He was very supportive of our decision to remove the intercom.”

When we asked Mr. Batliwala what if someone has to call Arnab’s apartment during an emergency, he said, “Don’t you know the guy? He doesn’t let anyone speak so the intercom was useless for us as well.”

We tried to get Arnab’s reaction to this development but he was busy shouting at someone on his panel.