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As temperature dips, Delhi boy found reading motivational book in bathroom before taking shower

15, Dec 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. As capital continues to reel under bone-chilling cold, Jeetu Gupta, an engineering college student was found standing naked in front of shower in his hostel bathroom reading Shiv Khera’s motivational book “You Can Win”, just in order to persuade himself to go under the shower.

The incident came into light when Jeetu’s batchmate, Shikari Sharma, heard sound of prayer coming out from one of the hostel bathrooms.

Cold Shower
“Yes, I did it!! Someone save me please!!”

“It was a shocker. Because of the temperature level and considering that it’s an engineering college hostel, signs of human presence in otherwise deserted bathroom area was very spooky. Normally we leave that area just like both Pakistani and Indian armies retract from some areas in Himalayas during winters,” said Shikari narrating how he caught Jeetu.

As per Shikari, he heard someone singing ‘Humko man ki shakti dena man vijay karein..’. Later, after peeping inside from over the wall, he found Jeetu standing in his underwear in front of the shower.

“Jeetu was shivering with cold and was holding ‘You Can Win’ book in his hand. Shower in front of him was pouring out super chilled water, it was looking like a dragon,” Shikari continued, adding that initially he thought Jeetu was going to commit suicide, which is now legal in India.

But after further inquiry, Jeetu himself revealed that he had finally managed to get a date with Priya after trying hard for three years, and he didn’t want to ruin it by going on his first date ever without taking bath.

Understanding criticality of the situation, Shikari didn’t stop him. “On the contrary, I helped him to get motivated. Jeetu took that final step and positioned himself under the shower after 45 minutes of motivational pep talk,” Shikari told Faking News.

“Winners don’t do different things but they do things differently,” Shikari explained how Jeetu won against cold.

When asked about his achievement, Jeetu said, “Winners see the gain, losers see the pain. This particular line from Shiv Khera’s book finally pushed me to get under the shower.”

Meanwhile, Jeetu’s room-mate lambasted him for breaking the pact of not taking bath this whole winter.

“Under adverse conditions – some people break down, while some break records. And I am the one who is breaking the records of not taking a bath. Jeetu is a weak soul,” Jeetu’s angry room-mate said quoting a Shiv Khera’s quote.