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Asaram Bapu fires his lawyer, to hire Vijay Mallya's lawyer to get bail

19, Apr 2017 By sagarcasm

Jodhpur: Fed up with growing incompetency of his existing lawyer, Asaram Bapu has decided to fire him immediately. Asaram will now hire Vijay Mallya’s lawyer who helped the liquor baron get a bail in London on Monday. Sources from Jodhpur’s jail have informed that Bapu is extremely angry at his previous lawyer, as he is unable to get a bail for Bapu in India while Mallya’s lawyer could do the same in a foreign land.

asarama mallya

Asaram, aged 76, but very young at heart, wants to shift to London and aspires to have a lifestyle like Mallya. He has put Kingfisher calendar on the wall of his cell in Jodhpur’s Jail, where he has been imprisoned since August 2013.

Bapu’s assistant, Mr. Sevaram, spoke to Faking News on this issue. Sevaram has rented a house outside Jodhpur jail so that he can frequently meet Bapu. He told us, “Yesterday when I went to meet Bapuji, I informed him that Vijay Mallya got arrested and also got a bail on the same day in London. He was impressed and ordered me to hire the same lawyer for his case.”

Vijay Mallya’s lawyer is one of the top paid professionals in United Kingdom. When our reporter asked Sevaram how he is planning to pay such a huge fees, he replied, “Just like Mallya, Bapuji has also applied for loan in SBI. It is expected to be sanctioned today after the lunch time.”

Meanwhile in London, hundreds of people have lined-up outside the office of Mallya’s lawyer. These people include famous personalities like the IPL’s first commissioner Lalit Modi and ex-British PM David Cameron. Lalit Modi wants to hire the lawyer as a precaution, as he might get arrested, just like Mallya while David Cameron wants to check with this lawyer if ‘Brexit’ can be reversed.